2017 Great Plains Spring Event

The first ever GP Conference Spring Retreat, "On the Path Home", was held at Camp Comeca, near Cozad, Nebraska, April 28-30, 2017. This spiritual retreat based upon the lives of  Bible women: Tamar, Rahab, and Ruth, was led by Carol Van Gorp from the National office of United Methodist Women.  She expanded upon the study by reflecting on Bible women in the world today, and walked us through the FAMA Method of studying stories in the Bible. (If you have the blue UMW bible, find more about this in the very back on page 15).  We created Prayer Stations, and deepened friendships between women of faith from Kansas and Nebraska.

The weather event ended the study early for some, who decided to head home early to avoid driving in snow; however, about 32 stayed through Sunday.  Janelle Erb, our Journey in Faith leader, did an awesome job of organizing this event, had a beautiful and uplifting prayer and meditation room, as well as a resource room packed full of books about Bible women.  Rena Conner was our registrar, and had everything well organized as we arrived, and Camp Comeca staff were excellent hosts.  Thank you to all who worked hard to put this together!  Let's do this again!