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Tips for a successful lay ministry

Lay Servant Ministries


What does it take to be successful in lay ministry?   Willingness to be inconvenienced – Neither training nor serving are going to conform to each person’s specific, customized needs.  Travel should be anticipated. This is what it means to be itinerate.  Serving takes time, so clearing your calendar to allow for ministry is essential.  This is what it means to deny self.  Initiative – Having the motivation to seek training, to meet with your pastor and to answer every email, every day are all ...

Have faith to get started with basic course

Lay Servant Ministries


When I go shopping for clothes to wear for my work as a school bus driver and custodian for the Moundridge school district, I always look to make sure there are deep pockets.  I carry keys for the 54-passenger bus that I drive on a morning and afternoon route and to the shed where keys for all the other busses are kept in case I need to check some of them.  In the past as a custodian, I had a ring with 12 keys to various doors, light switches, paper towel holders, etc., inside the school ...

In Layman's Terms: A fence-sitter's struggle


I don’t have a solution. Those are ominous words. When I was the editor of a daily newspaper, one of the rules in our shop was that we didn’t go to our publisher – the top supervisor – to talk about a problem without at least some idea for a solution. Yet, I find myself pondering one of our denomination’s biggest concerns – no, it qualifies as a problem – and can’t come up with a possible solution. I find solace in the fact that other, much smarter people than me find themselves in the same ...

In Layman's Terms: Passion Week has some baseball season parallels

Todd Seifert


Perhaps no time of year provides more of a sense of hope than the time around Easter. For starters, we as Christians are reminded of the importance of sharing with others the hope for eternity through the death and resurrection of Jesus the Christ. And then, there’s the hope that starts with the opening of the baseball season. What does baseball have to do with Jesus? Probably not all that much, to be honest. But I challenge you to find two things that provide more hope than opening day in ...

Lay Servants called to help those who are seeking

Lay Servant Ministries


Today, many of you across our conference and beyond will hear and experience the story of the woman at the well from the gospel of John Chapter 4. Reading and contemplating the verses which relate Jesus’ journey through Samaria brings to mind the words of the song by BeBe & CeCe Winans, American gospel music brother and sister duo: Like the woman at the well, I was seeking For things that could not satisfy. And then I heard my Savior speaking— “Draw from My well that never shall run dry.”  ...

In Layman's Terms: Using projection to make Easter guests feel welcome (part 2)

Todd Seifert


Last week, I shared some thoughts about how I like to set up slides for projection for song lyrics in worship services. I like to set them up not just for aesthetics but also for cadence so guests who don’t know our traditional songs have the best opportunity possible to know where the pauses are located, hopefully making them feel comfortable as they take part in our worship services. If you haven’t seen that blog, please check it out. This week, I’ll share some thoughts for displaying ...

In Layman's Terms: Using projection to make Easter guests feel welcome (part 1)

Todd Seifert


With Easter coming up next month, it’s important to use this time of Lent to prepare for one of our biggest visitor days of the church’s year. Many churches will focus on greeters, making sure there is a handout of some kind with information about the church and invitations to special events throughout the next 12 months prepared for people who visit our churches on what many consider to be our holiest day of the year. All of those things are important, but I urge you also to pay attention to ...

Add God to your morning coffee routine

Lay Servant Ministries


I picked up a package of coffee beans to grind for my coffee this morning and saw this printed on the back of the package: “Our Calling Your Coffee.” It struck me as interesting that we now talk about “Our Calling” to describe lots of thing in our everyday life. We are called to an occupation, what we do for fun, and, oh yeah, what we do for our churches. As a farmer, I do see my occupation as a calling. Being a good steward of the land and raising as much food to feed the world’s hungry is ...

Think 'outside the box' like Jesus

Lay Servant Ministries


A number of years ago, we in the former Kansas East Conference were fortunate enough to have the Rev. Emmanuel Cleaver preach at our annual conference session. His topic was "Thinking Outside the Box.” I'll never forget how he ended his sermon.  He said “ … and our founder was so far outside the box that he wouldn't even stay in his own grave!"   In John Wesley's quadrilateral, he gave primacy to the scripture component. From what I read in the Gospels, Jesus didn't have any worries that the ...

Exciting things happening in Lay Servant Ministry

Lay Servant Ministries


Bishop Saenz’s recent announcement of administrative changes in the organization of the conference can have a beneficial impact on the Great Plains Conference Lay Servant Ministries. The stronger focus on mission fields and community service opens up all kinds of opportunities for lay servants to serve their churches and communities in new and exciting ways.  Empowering laity to utilize their skills and life experiences to lead efforts within their local church to make disciples has long been a...

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