Church pews available to church in need


Are you tired of sitting on the floor during church?  Do your parishioners compete for wall space they can lean against so they don't have to sit on the ground? Do church pews excite you?

Do we have a deal for you! Lakin UMC of Lakin, Kansas, is replacing their pews making them available for FREE! 

  • The church's current pews will be available for pickup mid to late August (a solid date TBA).
  • Pews are FREE.
  • Interested party must pickup/haul pews themselves.  
  • Pews are designed to be bolted into the ground.
  • Cushions included.
  • No break in time necessary. These babies have held many praying parishioners over the years, so they are ready to go!
Interested?  Questions?  Call the Rev. Aaron Duell at 785-643-0541.