Pipe organ for sale


A custom pipe organ built in 1996 by Ronald Smith of Smith Organ Company out of Wichita, Kansas, is currently for sale. The organ has an oak console that is 8'h x 8'w x 4.5d' + 3' pedalboard extension. It has three ranks metal/wood pipes and two keyboard manuals of 61 notes each and 32 note pedalboard. Great (Principal/Gedackt/Octave/Flute/Fifteenth/Quint); Swell (Bourdon/Gedackt/Flute/Twelfth /Fifteenth/Quint/Oboe/Clarion); Pedal (Bourdon/Bass Flute/Octave/Super Octave/Oboe Clarion). Electro-pneumatic windchest. Size suited for home/chapel/choir/practice room. Always in a climate-controlled home and last played August 2017.

Asking $5,000 OBO, buyer bears cost of insured move. View the complete listing.

Reuter has technical information, recordings of the organ and they do moving. It is also fine to deal direct with us and you provide movers. For general inquiries or appointment to view/play in Wichita, Kansas, contact Sherry, at 316-943-3954 or humboldtgrrl@yahoo.com; or Stephanie, at 316-516-4168 and turtlewaltz@cox.net.