Interview Materials


The following documents should be helpful for interview candidates as well as members of District Committees on Ordained Ministry and the Board of Ordained Ministry. Each document provides suggested questions and/or evaluation criteria based on the interview request. These documents should provide suggestions for interview questions and/or interview preparation. There is no interview where all questions will be asked – and there may be some interviews that use none of the suggested questions. These are for your information only.

In general, fitness criteria/questions will be used for persons in the early stages of the process for licensed or ordained ministry (certification as a candidate, certification as a lay minister, district superintendent assignment, etc.). Readiness criteria/questions will be used for persons requesting provisional membership or who have completed one to two years as local pastor, continuation as a CLM or DSA. Effectiveness criteria/questions will be used for persons seeking a fourth (or additional year) as a local pastor, CLM or DSA; ordination and full membership; associate membership or approval for appointment as a member of another denomination. Behavioral health criteria apply to all persons requesting or continuing in a licensed or ordained relationship with the Annual Conference.

Interview Checklists and Summary Report

The appropriate Checklist(s) and Summary Report(s) will be completed by the District Committee on Ordained Ministry (DCOOM) and/or Board of Ordained Ministry (BOOM) interview team for each interview candidate. In general, these documents are to be considered working documents of the DCOOM and/or BOOM. A copy of the document(s) may or may not be provided to the interview candidate, however each candidate does retain the right to review his/her DCOOM/BOOM file held by the appropriate registrar. Each interview candidate will be notified in writing of any areas deemed needing further growth or study or not appropriate.