Mission Agency Support

In addition to the Mission Share, each congregation is asked in 2017 for an amount equal to one-percent of their 2015 operating income for Mission Agency Support. Operating income was reported on line 62 of Table 3 of the year-end statistical reports.

Find out how your congregation's Mission Agency Support breaks down. Open this Excel file, Mission Agency Support spreadsheet, type in your church's Mission Agency Support amount and view the breakdown for your congregation.

* Additional funds are included in the conference budget for pastor support at Nebraska Wesleyan University.

**Funds are raised for the Good Samaritan Fund to care for those whose resources have run out.

Mission Agency Web Link Amount
Nebraska Wesleyan University* - Lincoln, Neb. nebrwesleyan.edu $60,000
Kansas Wesleyan University - Salina, Kan. kwu.edu $126,100
Southwestern College - Winfield, Kan. sckans.edu $126,100
Baker University - Baldwin City, Kan. bakeru.edu $126,100
Saint Paul School of Theology - Leawood, Kan. spst.edu $126,100
Health & Welfare Institutions    
EmberHope (Youthville) - Newton, Wichita,  Dodge City, Kan. emberhope.org $33,950
Epworth Village - York, Neb. epworthvillage.org $33,950
UM Homes/Aldersgate Village** - Topeka, Kan. aldersgatevillage.org $72,750
Asbury Park** - Newton, Kan. asbury-park.org $33.950
GraceMed Health Clinic - Wichita, Kan. gracemed.org $48.500
Released & Restored - York, Lincoln, Geneva, Neb. releasedandrestored.org $29.100
Ministries with the Poor    
United Methodist Ministries - Omaha, Neb. bigmuddyumc.org $194,000
Justice for Our Neighbors - Omaha, Columbus, Lexington, Neb. jfon-ne.org $155,200
Friendship House of Hope - Ogden, Kan. ogdenfriendshiphouse.org $18,430
Wesley House - Pittsburg, Kan. Facebook page $70,000
Fellowship and Faith - Topeka, Kan. Facebook page $9,700
Living Hope - Omaha, Neb. Facebook page $50,000
United Methodist Open Door - Wichita, Kan. umopendoor.org $72,500
Genesis Family Health (formerly UM Mexican-American Ministries ummam.org $53,000
Ecumenical/Interchurch Organizations    
Rural Response Hotline (Interchurch Min.) interchurchministries.org $13,313

























John Wesley wrote in his journal, “I look upon all the world as my parish.” His profound words remind us that discipleship and mission cannot be separated. God loves us unconditionally and invites us to be His hands and feet in the world to bring about His kingdom here on earth. 

The calling of the Great Plains United Methodist Conference (GPUMC) is to equip and connect congregations to make disciples of Jesus Christ. Our missional priorities are to enhance the ministry of local churches to produce Christ-centered excellence in youth ministry, preaching and worship, engaging the community, and transforming service to the world. Using an income-based formula for Mission Shares enables the conference to be responsive to the accomplishment of these goals.

Each of us, as members of a local church, supports our local church by giving our tithes (10 percent) and offerings. These gifts come from the income that we have received. As Christians, we believe that our income is a blessing from God. We also believe that tithing has a sound Scriptural foundation as an act of worship and discipleship.

The same motivation used to support the local church is applied to the GPUMC’s mission and ministry. Each local church is therefore called to support the GPUMC based on the income of the church. The Great Plains Conference Mission Share formula, asks churches for 10 percent of their local church’s  annual income for this budget support.

An additional way we are asked to show our love for God and neighbor is by supporting our mission agencies across the Great Plains Conference. 

There are 21 mission agencies in our conference that are separately incorporated institutions with a connection to the GPUMC. They encompass colleges/universities, health and welfare institutions, ministries with the poor, ecumenical/interchurch organizations and a retreat center. At the Uniting Conference, we made the commitment to support 21 agencies through Mission Agency Support giving set at 1 percent of a local church’s annual income. 

These mission agencies serve a vital role; they help us extend the outreach of our local churches, connect us to our communities and the needs of our brothers and sisters, offer opportunities to address both immediate and systemic needs, and develop leaders. They help us break outside the church building walls to go into the world and be His hands and feet, and to ultimately make disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Each mission agency relies on different funding sources and amounts. The 1 percent asked of Great Plains churches is an integral part of each agency’s total funding plan. The mission agencies we support as the conference are aligned with our missional priorities and collectively represent legacies of support from the three former conferences. The Plan of Organization calls for an aggregate request that is divided among them all. 

We believe that just as the hearts of individuals are warmed by the support they give to their local church, the hearts of each of these bodies of believers we call the church, will be warmed by the support they are able to offer to the equipping ministries of their conference.