Shared Prayers

Below are prayers from people around the conference.

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Prayers for father-in-law

by: Bevan Walinga
My Father in-law is in the hospital with pneumonia and is facing medicare discharge today, and isn't ready to come home. Trying to find some were he can go to recover.

Please pray for the Hall family

by: Bonnie Linton-Hendrick
Please remember the family of Rev. Greg Hall, in the untimely death of Greg.

Prayers for Dunkerson family

Please keep Diane Dunkerson, Lincoln Conference Office receptionist and Director of the Resource Center and her husband Roddy Dunkerson in your prayers. Diane's mother, Esther Margheim of Scottsbluff, Nebraska passed away last Saturday. The service was held Thursday in Lyman, Nebraska.

Please keep Buck Linton-Hendrick in your prayers

by: Rev. Buck Linton-Hendrick
In the morning February 1, 2017 I am going to have surgery to implant an electric stimulater in lumbar region of my back. This is to control pain in my back and down my legs. Please keep me in your prayers. The time that I am to report to Saint Francis Medical Center in Grand Island NE is 9:00 a.m. Thank you in advance.
This is to be a test. If it works we will go back and up it in under the skin like a heart pacemaker.

Please pray for the Men's Walk to Emmaus

by: Rev. Buck Linton-Hendrick
Please pray for the Men's Walk to Emmaus this weekend February 2-5 at Camp COMECA, Cozad, NE.

Prayers for my friends who are pastors

by: Rev. Michael Davis
Special Thanks for this prayer written by:
Anna Murdock - Lay Servant
Broad Street UMC, Statesville, NC

Prayers for my friends who are pastors ...

for those who are remembering the stumbling blocks in their call ...
for those who are facing adversities ...
or those who have health issues ...
for those who love much, rejoice much and weep with us ...
for those who find joy and for those who wonder ...
for those with a shepherd's heart whose hours seem to be filled with meetings ...
for those who have served well.

'Tenacity' is tightly clinging to something.
They have held tight and continue to hold tight to you, O God.
I pray for their continued grasp (and for yours as well).

Yes, prayers and thanksgiving for the shepherds this morning.

"View From the Pew"

Please pray for my daughter, Gini Heywood

by: Rev. Ray Weinerman
Please pray for my daughter, Gini Heywood . She has decided that after eight years of treatment for breast and bone cancer to enter into home hospice care. During that eight year period she has welcomed two grandsons into her life. Pray for God's comfort and presence for her in this season of her life. Also pray for her family to accept and support her in this decision. She is not giving up but rather trusting in the Lord to see her through this. God is good!