Shared Prayers

Below are prayers from people around the conference.

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Please pray for my son!

by: Ereline Clements
Please pray for my son. He is bi-polar and off his meds. He is not harmful to anyone, including himself. Just sick in his mind, soul, and heart. Please pray!

Please keep Addie Samuelson and family in your prayers

by: Jeff Wulf
Please keep Addie Samuelson and family in your prayers. She battled brain cancer during her high school years, and just a few years later it has returned in a form that is much more difficult to fight. Her family and friends are gathered around her at Children's Hospital in Omaha and could use your urgent prayer support.

Please pray for Roseanne Rowse

by: Ardith Davenport
Please pray for Roseanne Rowse of Burwell, Nebraska, daughter of our church's admin. asst, LeAnn. Roseanne has been hospitalized all this week, and now being transferred to a regional medical center. Pray that the medical staff can find the best treatment for her.

Keep the Odgers family in your prayers.

Rev. Richard V. Odgers a retired clergy member from Lincoln passed away June 1, 2017. He has given his body to the University Medical Center for research, more information to come. Please keep his wife Marie in your prayers.

Please pray for Annual Conference attendees!

Please keep everyone traveling to annual conference this week in your prayers that they have a safe trip and a great conference.