2018 GP Conference UMW Leadership

The names of the 2018 Great Plains Conference Leadership Team are listed below. Also shown is the name of their District. These officers serve through December 31, 2018.

All of the officers look forward to hearing from you, listening to your comments and concerns and answering your questions. To contact the officer click on their name.  This will allow you to email your inquiry directly to that person.

PresidentKaren Dunlap (Wichita East)

Vice President:  Joyce Solomon (Gateway)

Secretary:  Pat McGill (Blue River)

Treasurer:  Barbara Smith (Kansas City)

Communication CoordinatorPeggy Walters  (Gateway)

Committee on Nominations Chair:  Avalyn Reissig (Kansas City) Class of 2018

Journey Team Leaders:

       Journey in Action  Gwen Sharpe     (Wichita East)

       Journey in Faith  Jenelle Erb (Elkhorn Valley)

       Journey in Giving Virginia White (Prairie Rivers)

       Journey in Growth Margaret Thomas  (Hays)

       Journey in Learning Marge Zakoura-Vaughan (Wichita)

Kansas Program Resource Coordinator: Margee Castle (Kansas City)

Nebraska Program Resource Coordinator: Rogene Silletto (Blue River)

GP UMW Librarian: Mary Ann Bede (Blue River)

METour Director:  Venedith Vargas  

Legacy Fund, Chair: Marilyn Zehring (Prairie Rivers)

Standing Rules, Chair: Esther Hay (Blue River)

Committee on Nominations 

        Pearline Smith  (Wichita East) Class of 2018

        Becky Pishney (Flint Hills) Class of 2018

        Carolyn May (Hays) Class of 2019

        Judy Grant (Kansas City) Class of 2019

        Nebraska TBA Class of 2019

        Mary Ellen Kilmer (Great West) Class of 2020

South Central Jurisdiction President:  Charlotte Morrow (Kansas City)

South Central Jurisdiction Chair of Committee on NominationsLouise Niemann (Prairie Rivers)

National UMW Program Advisory Member:  Rose Roberts (Hutchinson); as SCJ President, Charlotte Morrow, also serves  as a Program Advisory Member.

Mission u: Rev. Lyndelle Linde (Salina); Denny Larsen* (Kearney); and Teresa Tuchscherer (Topeka); 

*Denny Larsen passed away July 19, 2018, after a brave battle with brain cancer. Her family will appreciate your prayers. Esther Hay is acting as interim dean for Kearney this year.

Bishop of The Great Plains Conference of The United Methodist Church: Bishop Ruben Saenz, Jr.

District Presidents:  (2018 presidents)

    Ann Cerveny, Blue River District President

    Judy Branden, Dodge City District President

    Oralee Volwiler, Elkhorn Valley District President

    Barbara Kruger, Five Rivers District President

    Linda Combes, Flint Hills District President

    Doris Whitacre, Gateway District President

    Lori Collins, Great West District President

    Deanna Castle, Hays District President

    LaVonne Gerritzen, Hutchinson District President

    Jean Gaslin, Kansas City District President

    Carol Michaels, Missouri River District President

    Betty Neville, Parsons District President

    Roberta Cool and Barbara McIlnay, Prairie Rivers District Co-Presidents

    Sharon Pierce, Salina District President

    Cheryl Sylvester, Topeka District President

    Jalayn Nolan, Wichita East District President

    Dixie Brewster, Wichita West District President