2020 Ecumenical Legislative Days and L.E.A.F.

Be Informed. Stand Up. Speak Out. Let Your Voice Be Heard.

The Great Plains United Methodist Women participate in two legislative days that educate and engage members of the faith community on issues that are being addressed within the state legislatures. The purpose of the legislative days are to provide a forum of education on social justice issues, create a context for how the issues intersect with faith and prompt ways that the faith community can respond in advocacy. Great Plains United Methodist Women are encouraged to use the legislative days as platforms to learn more about issues on the local and state levels and identify ways to add a voice as a faith community. Both events are ecumenical and open to all. 

Nebraska Ecumenical Legislative Briefing Day

Christ United Methodist Church, 4530 A St, Lincoln, NE.  February 8, 2020.

Topics in 2020 will include Aging, Breaking News, Criminal Justice, Education, Immigration, Mental Health, Opioids, Racial Justice, and Water!

To register, click on the link below to view the topics, or go to www.nelegisbrief.org.

Kansas LEAF (Legislative Event for Advocacy in Faith)

Topeka, KS - February 16-17, 2020 - "Breaking of Chains"