Certified Lay Minister Courses

Register for classes online by clicking on the course titles below. Questions? Contact Nathan Stanton at nstanton@greatplainsumc.org or 785-414-4226. Your course registration confirmation email will list required and recommended texts for your class. You will be responsible for obtaining the books you need. 

The coursework for the 4 Modules can be found through the BeADisciple website. The three additional classes (Old Testament, New Testament, and Preaching) may be found on the upcoming courses page. The Lay Academy for Rural Church Ministries courses can be found at larcm.org/lay-training.

Online access for courses will be sent by email at least one day prior to the start of the course.

Each course costs $75. Payment can be made online during registration, or by check.

To ensure the best possible course experience, please review the Online Learning System Requirements page.

July 2018    
July 9 - Aug 3 History 
Web Only
Rev. Dr. Marian Adell
August 2018    
Aug 6 - 31

Web Only

Rev. Jeff Slater
September 2018    
Sept 18 - October 9 Worship
Web Only
Rev. Abby Caseman
November 2018    
Nov 5 - 30 Theology & Doctrine
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Rev. Dr. Marian Adell