2020 O&F Meeting


The 2020 O&F meeting was at Lincoln St. Mark’s UMC, Wednesday, January 15 – Thursday, January 16 in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The Orders and Fellowship speakers for 2020 are experienced in Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD). The ABCD, a what’s strong, ‘glass half-full,’ asset-based approach, looks holistically at communities and issues, focusing on available resources and vital partnerships that help life flourish. ABCD is at the center of a large and growing movement that considers local capacities and assets – skills of local residents, local associations, and supportive functions of local institutions - as the primary building blocks of sustainable community development. The approach is relationship-driven and recognizes the dignity of individuals, their knowledge and talents, regardless of their status, title, or degree. It is rooted in a deep respect for the skills people embody and their capacity to take agency and create local associations that transform their realities, bringing justice, healing, and wholeness in lives and communities through systematic changes.


Speakers and Sessions

Sessions for Orders and Fellowship 2020 focused on developing the mindset of ABCD. ABCD is based on three pillars: gifts of the individual, gifts of associations, and gift of institutions. Clergy explored these pillars within their ministry contexts by having conversations with the other clergy in their district network. These sessions were lead by ABCD practitioners: Rev. Darryl Answer, Rev. Mike Mather and Rev. Rachel Metheny.

Additionally, Rev. Cecilia Armstrong explored scripture from the perspective of the marginalized and oppressed.


Stories from O&F 2020


Conversation with Bishop Saenz – Protocol of Reconciliation

(Thursday Afternoon) Conversation with Bishop Saenz from Great Plains UMC on Vimeo.

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. provides an explanation and then takes questions regarding the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace Through Separation.

Download the bishop's PowerPoint file, which includes notes used in the presentation.


Videos from O&F 2020