Orders & Fellowship Meeting


Orders and Fellowship 2021 will was held entirely online. Attendees had the choice of attending the session in January or in February.

Rev. Dr. Leah Schade, assistant professor of preaching and worship at Lexington Theological Seminary and author of Preaching in the Purple Zone: Ministry in the Red- Blue Divide, was the plenary leader for Orders and Fellowship, 2021.

2020 brought numerous unexpected challenges. Many churches had to shift to online worship and social media platforms to continue the ministry and administration of your congregations. All are discerning how best to lead, teach, and preach about current social concerns that affect the common good of our communities and nation. You might be asking yourself, “Is this the time to be prophetic?” If so, the question is how to be prophetic in a way that is rooted and undergirded in biblical principles and theological frameworks that both bears upon concrete issues that strike at well-being of people’s lives and destinies and engages our congregations in healthy discourse and faithful action.

Dr. Schade is passionate about preaching that builds bridges and develops collaborative efforts around divisive issues in the church. Her sermon – dialogue – sermon methodology is based on her research with nearly 2000 clergy and laity. Her methodology for preaching helps clergy and congregations navigate potential divisions that might grow out of prophetic preaching.

Ordering the book

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Worship from the event

Orders & Fellowship 2021 — Bishop's day 2 sermon

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. modeled the sermon-dialogue-sermon method while delivering the closing worship message in the first of two Orders & Fellowship sessions. This message was recorded via Zoom on ...

Orders & Fellowship 2021 — Bishop's day 1 sermon

Bishop Ruben Saenz Jr. provides a sermon explaining the concept of "preaching in the purple zone," which was the topic of the 2021 Orders & Fellowship clergy gathering and training workshop. Download...

Presentations from the event

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Ministry in a House Divided Discovering our Theologies of Conflict
Deliberative Dialogue Preaching Across the Divide
Planning, Implementing Sermon-Dialogue-Sermon