About the Program

TiM pastors will be excellent preachers, collaborative clergy and confident leaders who will empower the laity and be empowered to flourish in ministry. The TiM Program will aid clergy excellence staff in identifying best practices for training and developing all Great Plains clergy for excellence in ministry.


The Transition into Ministry Program is designed to assist young pastors in making the transition from seminary to effective full-time pastoral leadership. Through the five-year program, TiM pastors will engage in a variety of learning methods.

The TiM program focuses on:

  • Leadership development: moving the participant from readiness to effectiveness to excellence.
  • Perfecting character, skills and competencies to lead effectively.
  • Developing pastoral habits that lead to life-long wellness and sustainability.
  • Mutual ministry models for working with many kinds of people in the congregation and community.


Program outcomes for participants:

Participants will be prepared to provide excellent leadership. They will find joy in ministry as a way of life. They will serve beyond their first five years of ministry and live more whole lives because of their TiM support systems.

Program outcomes for congregations:

Congregations will find meaning and satisfaction in their culture of call and engagement in the formation and support for young clergy during the clergy's most foundational years in pastoral ministry.

Program outcomes for the annual conferences:

Churches in the Great Plains Conference will benefit from the fruit of effective leadership with TiM congregations, mentor pastors, TiM associate/solo pastors and future TiM participants. Also, as excellent training, mentoring and leadership practices are developed, they will be shared through other Clergy Excellence programs.

Churches will receive a grant of about $36,000/annually to to toward the salary package of their associate. Contact the Rev. Ashlee Alley Crawford, aalleycrawford@greatplainsumc.org or 785-414-4216, for more details.