Annual Conference Sponsor Booths

Visit our in-person sponsor booths at the Great Plains Annual Conference 2023 session. 

Start by visiting our online sponsors. There you will find helpful resources and information. You can visit anytime. 

Then, while at La Vista Conference Center in La Vista, Nebraska, visit our limited in person booths which will be open:

  • Wednesday, June 8, 2-7 p.m.
  • Thursday, June 9, 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Friday, June 10, 7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

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American Church Group of Kansas/Nebraska

with Stephanie Abrell

The American Church Group is an insurance provider for the Great Plains Conference.

Center for Pastoral Effectiveness

with Bill Selby

The Center for Pastoral Effectiveness such a valuable resource since 1999 for so many pastors? Watch 24 hour news and you will get a reason. There's lots of anxiety out there! Whether a lay leader or a clergy, you hear it! You feel it! That anxiety always ends up at the door of clergy. It is a natural part of the emotional system of the church. That anxiety will get focused, even fixated, on clergy.

If you're a lay leader and want a healthy pastor, the Center is a great continuing education investment to support, affirm. and empower your pastor. If you're a pastor, ordained or not, part time or full time, there has never been a more important time for connecting to the Center for Pastoral Effectiveness.

This is a process, not a quick fix. If integrated into your ministry, this can assist you in "responding" to all that reactivity rather than "reacting" to it. It is a leadership process that can help you manage yourself and lead your church.

The Center was created to Maintain Ministers in Ministry by focusing on Family Systems thinking. The Center is a "pastoral” model which is uniquely different than any other leadership model. Sure, it includes administrating, preaching, leading, fascilitating but there is something more, something deeper to this role. The Center connects to that! The Center was designed BY a minister FOR ministers! You won't regret this journey.

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Discipleship Ministries

with David Teel

Discipleship Ministries connects laity and clergy around the world with contextually-appropriate resourcing and materials, training, consulting and networking to      support spiritual formation, new church development and revitalization of local churches. Its newest initiative, See All The People, encourages and supports congregations in developing discipleship systems that begin with being in authentic, organic and consistent relationship with those around their churches.

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General Board of Global Ministries

with Jerry Feese

The General Board of Global Ministries is the international mission, humanitarian relief and development organization of The United Methodist Church. It works with partners and churches in more than 115 countries to equip and transform people and places for God’s mission. Global Ministries connects congregations, conferences, other organizations and individuals to extend their mission outreach by sending missionaries, supporting evangelism and church revitalization, providing humanitarian relief led by the United Methodist Committee on Relief, and improving the health of communities and individuals around the world.

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Great Plains Camps

with Bob Kahle

Five UMC camps that serve the Great Plains Conference area. These camps offer youth summer camp programs and year round opportunities including youth retreats, men's and women's retreats, staff retreats, quilt camps, pastoral retreats, and banquets. Beautiful locations to serve any outdoor needs.

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Great Plains Commission on Archives and History

with Doris Wills

The Commission on Archives and History works for preserving and sharing the history of the United Methodist Church and its predecessors in Kansas and Nebraska.

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Great Plains Congregational Excellence Team

The Great Plains Conference's Congregational Excellence Team is privileged to be on the adventure together to resource congregations for the mission field(s) of the Great Plains Conference. We look forward to visiting with you at and after annual conference about ways to help your congregation be increasingly healthy as together we seek to partner with God in cultivating the church of 2050.

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Great Plains Disaster Response Ministry

with Hollie Tapley

The Great Plains Disaster Response Ministry is one of compassion and care for all people who have survived a disaster. We bring hope and the presence of The Great Plains Conference in a moment of confusion and chaos.

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 Great Plains Lay Ministries
Lay leadership development crosses all elements of the mission, call, vision and priorities of the Great Plains Conference. Stop by and see what exciting things are going on for Lay development!

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Great Plains Mercy & Justice Team

with Sarah Marsh

The Mercy and Justice Team of the Great Plains Conference equips local churches to live out God's mission in the world through ministries that help individuals in need (mercy) and which ensure the human rights and dignity of all (justice).

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Great Plains Board of Pensions

with Peggy Mihoover

Meet your Conference Benefits Officer, Peggy Mihoover, and ask your questions.

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Great Plains United Women in Faith

with Janice Elmore

United Women In Faith is a sisterhood, acting in faith to connect and nurture women through Christian spiritual formation, leadership development, creative fellowship and education so that they can inspire, influence and impact local and global communities. Visit our home page. The links on the left side of our home page are active and are being updated.

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Kansas Methodist Foundation

with Dustin Petz

Kansas Methodist Foundation empowers faithful people, churches, and organizations to imagine the possibilities for ministry, then turn them into reality. We help you embrace an abundance mindset, create a common vision for ministry/mission, and put financial tools in place to make the vision a reality.

Investments • Legacy Giving • Leadership Development

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Kansas Wesleyan University

with Scott Jagodzinske

At Kansas Wesleyan University, we are student-centered AND community focused. We offer an exceptional academic experience in a nurturing, friendly environment. Our students live AND learn on our gorgeous campus in the thriving city of Salina, Kansas.

We know the integration of studies AND activity participation produces exceptional graduates. Students are always encouraged to engage in their campus community AND the local community.

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Nebraska United Methodist Foundation

with Kristine Roberts

The Nebraska United Methodist Foundation is committed to providing resources and guidance to you and your church in the spiritual discipline of generosity, faithful stewardship, and legacy planning. We honor this commitment to all United Methodist Churches, ministries, and individuals across Nebraska. No matter the path you choose, we hope to continue to be 'Your Partner in Ministry.'

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Nebraska Wesleyan University

with Eduardo Bousson

Nebraska Wesleyan is one of our United Methodist schools in the Great Conference. We offer many bachelor's degrees and master's degrees (MBA, Nursing, Social Work, Athletic Training). We offer over 2 million dollars every year to our United Methodist students. Come by the booth to find out more!

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Safe Gatherings

with Carolyn Marston

Safe Gatherings is the online system that provides screening & training for those who serve children, youth, or vulnerable adults in the Great Plains Conference.

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Saint Paul School of Theology

with Tiana Gatewood

Educating tomorrow's leaders by offering on-campus, online, and hybrid learning courses at a FLEXible schedule, Saint Paul School of Theology is a seminary serving a diverse community committed to the formation of people for innovative, creative ministry. Grounded in the academic study of faith and ministry, theology is practiced in a traditional classroom and in a contextual curriculum featuring Ministry Collaboration Groups, Practicums, Spiritual Formation Retreats, and Seminars. Students learn from dedicated faculty, experienced pastors, and community leaders about best ministry practices leaving our graduates with the tools and first-hand experience necessary to meet the needs of a changing world.

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SMU | Perkins School of Theology

with Rachel Holmes

Perkins School of Theology is one of the 13 seminaries of The United Methodist Church and one of only five university-related United Methodist theological schools, located in the heart of Dallas, Texas, with an extension program in Houston/Galveston.

The faculty and staff of Perkins are committed to our mission of preparing women and men for faithful leadership in Christian ministry. Students study with a faculty, diverse both culturally and in theological perspective, in the school's graduate degree and certificate studies programs. Practical internships integrate classroom learning with hands-on ministry, and the world-renowned Bridwell Library offers students and scholars theological resources for pastors and scholars unrivaled in the United States. Faculty and practicing clergy also work together to offer continuing education for clergy and laity, as well as other programs such as the United Methodist Church's Course of Study school for local pastors.

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