Fliers/Packet Material

We would like to include your fliers in the materials on the conference website and in the conference workbook (available in early May). Please send your flier (for the website or conference workbook) as a PDF or Word document to Roxie Delisi at rdelisi@greatplainsumc.org by April 12 for inclusion.

The only items that will be included in the packets distributed at annual conference are:

  1. items pertaining to the business of the annual conference
  2. conference-wide events hosted/sponsored by teams, committees, conference staff
  3. events that have a tradition in one of the former conferences

Items for packets must be approved by the Rev. Nancy Lambert by May 15. Please email an electronic copy for approval to nlambert@greatplainsumc.org.

If your flier is approved for the packet we ask that you mail 1,800 printed copies of your flier to Wichita Conference Office, 9440 E Boston St., Suite 110, Wichita  KS  67207. Fliers must be received by May 24 to be included so please keep the time it takes to mail in mind.

If you are not able to print your fliers, the conference will print them for you at a rate of $50 for black and white ink and $300 for color ink. Send fliers for print to Roxie Delisi at rdelisi@greatplainsumc.org. Fliers for print must be received by the strict date of May 15 if you would like them included. Fliers will not be printed until payment is received.

All items submitted for the packets must be on 8 ½” x 11” or 5 ½” x 8 ½” paper. No other items will be accepted. We will accept only one item per event, so put the most pertinent information on this flier. Do not staple stickers or other items to your fliers. 

If your agency, institution or group has booth space, your fliers need to be at your booth and will not be included in the packets unless it pertains to the business of the session.

Lastly, there will be a literature table available onsite at the Century I I Center for fliers that you wish to distribute but do not meet the requirements for packets. You will be responsible for bringing those to the venue and placing them on the table. Fliers for the literature table will not be transported by the conference office.