Registration 2018 Annual Conference

Registration for the 2018 Great Plains Annual Conference Session is now open. Register now.

A late fee of $25 will be added to registrations received after May 24.

The final day to register is Tuesday, May 31.

If you register and find that you are unable to attend, refunds will be issued for the registration fee up to June 7. Meal refunds will also be issued up until the date of Thursday, May 31. If contacted regarding a cancellation after May 31, meals costs will not be refunded as the meal order is final at that time.

UMW luncheon, not included in AC registration

The Great Plains United Methodist Women are hosting a luncheon from 12:30-2 p.m., on Friday June 15, at First United Methodist Church, 330 N. Broadway St., Wichita. Cost of the lunch is $10. The menu is deli meat and vegetable trays, tea and water.

The program will be short reports by the METour and Assembly participants.

Register and pay for the lunch by May 31, 2018.

Retirement dinner and celebration.

Registration for dinner is included in AC registration - please use this to only register for dinner.

The retiree dinner and celebration will be held Thursday, June 14, 5:30 p.m. (at the Hyatt Regency, 400 West Waterman, Wichita), in the Cypress Ballroom.

Cost of the dinner is $18. The menu is meatloaf, vegetable, mashed potatoes, bread, brownies, iced tea and water.

Register and pay for the dinner by May 30, 2018.