Annual Conference Workbook

2022 Special Session Workbook

The workbook for the special session of annual conference is ready for you to download, print and/or review.

The document includes an outline for the agenda for our Sept. 10 meeting on Zoom. The workbook also includes the legislation for disaffiliating churches, a proposed change in governance for Great Plains Camps Inc., and the proposed 2023 annual conference budget.

Download the workbook here.

Download the detailed view of the proposed 2023 annual conference budget.


Annual Conference 2022 Workbook

The Workbook for the 2022 session of the Great Plains Annual Conference is now available. Download and print your copy here

The Addendum for the conference workbook is ready for you to download to your laptop, tablet or phone. It is important that you either download it to a device you can use during the conference or print it out. The Great Plains Conference will not have packets with this additional information this year, which is a change from prior years, so there will not be printouts available at the site. Download the Addendum here.

The workbook contains:

  • Resolutions pertaining to churches that have completed the requirements to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church.
  • Additions to the Nominations Report that were not available in time for the workbook.
  • QR codes to make giving to our three offerings easier.
  • A slight revision to the schedule.
  • One correction to the Standing Rules that was correct in this year's journal but was inadvertently omitted from the workbook.