Appointment Changes


Elkhorn Valley

Appointments are entered in the order they are announced. 

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Ministerial status codes

 DM Diaconal Minister  DR Retired Diaconal Minister  AM Associate Member  RA Retired Associate Member
 PD Provisional Deacon  FD Deacon in Full Connection  RD Retired Deacon
in Full Connection
 PE Provisional Elder
 RP Retired Provisional Member  FE Elder in Full Connection  RE Retired Full Elder  FL

Full-time Local Pastor

 PL Part-time Local Pastor  RL Retired Local Pastor  AF Affiliate Member  DC Deaconess
 LM Certified Lay
 HL Honorable
 OA Associate member
of another annual conference
 OD Deacon member of another annual conference
 OE Elder member of another annual conference  OP Provisional member of another annual conference  OF Full member of
other denomination - approved
 OR Retired member of other annual conference
 DA District superintendent assignment            


P. David Randall (FE)

From: Ainsworth - Johnstown
To: Retirement
From District: Elkhorn Valley
Date Announced: 02-22-2021
Date of Move: 07-01-2021