Theology 101

Theology 101 — Three-Part Series

Part 1: Theological Foundations in an Unsettled Season — The first in a 3-part series, this conversation names some of the questions that are facing Christians in these unsettling times. The local church has been brought into the headlines of the pandemic in several notable ways—namely, whether churches should/can be restricted from meeting and even the role of churches in the earliest spread of the virus through funerals, weddings, and worship. These scenarios reveal something about our theology of the church, and of God. In this conversation, we invite Dr. Jackson Lashier and Rev. Dr. Jonathan Redding to help us tease out some of the theological foundations that point toward a faithful witness of God in these turbulent times. Download the podcast. Watch the YouTube video.

Part 2: Psalms and Lament — The second in a 3-part series, “Back to School: Theology 101” where we are looking at theological concerns during this season of pandemic. Grief is a part of the human experience, but typically the entire world isn’t grieving all at once. Our guest today acknowledges this grief and the soul shaping aspects of this season by pointing us to the worship book of the ancients, the Psalms. Dr. Kris Kvam, professor of Theology at Saint Paul School of Theology in Greater Kansas City and Oklahoma City, guides us through some painful and healing words of scripture that point toward a faithful witness of God in these turbulent times. This episode debuted Sept. 22, 2020. Download the podcast. Watch the webinar video. 

Part 3: Theological Foundations in an Unsettled Season — This third episode in a three-part series, “Back to School: Theology 101,” focuses on the Church, with a “big C.” By that, we mean the Body of Christ, the believers across the world and in our own congregations. Our individual churches — little “c” — are experiencing disruption as we can’t gather in ways that we’re used to gathering. We’ve invited two early church scholars, Dr. Amy Oden and Rev. Austin Rivera to join us to help us look behind us in order to look ahead to a future with hope. This episode debuted Oct. 7, 2020. Download the podcast.