At The Threshold: Great Joy — Part 1


This has been a hard year, hasn’t it? Between the “typical” challenges of pastoral leadership, the last few years have brought a great deal of conflict and pressure in the lives of clergy. We do not want to gloss over or minimize the challenges, and yet, our theology compels us forward. Psalm 126:5 is our banner: “Those who sow in tears will reap with shouts of joy!” The opportunity for tears has been plentiful. Is it possible for a harvest of joy to be on the horizon?

This first episode in our series sets the tone by sharing why we’re talking about joy right now and introduces you to the stories of three clergy: Cathy Holley of New Covenant UMC in Wichita and Norwich UMC in Norwich, Kansas; Jim Reed, retired elder living in Manhattan; and Susan Murithi, serving St. Paul UMC in St. Paul, Nebraska. We invite you to watch and share these stories, and consider where joy might be growing in your own life and community as well! 

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