At the Threshold: Health, Habits, and Hibernation — Connecting our bodies with our discipleship


This episode is about something that may be challenging: our personal health. Talking about our personal health is just that, personal. It requires vulnerability, courage and invites us to listen to our bodies. Our bodies are the vehicles that God’s given us to move about in the world and it’s often really hard for us to make peace with those bodies. And since our bodies, minds, and souls are all connected, as we grow in health with one, we move toward health in all. Caring for our physical bodies really is an aspect of our discipleship. Today’s conversation is with Rev. Cindy Watson, Rev. Dr. Lisa Wiens Thompson, and Rev. Dennis Livingston who share their stories who invite us to consider how our bodies are a blessing, how we steward them, and share some practical ways that we can take care of them.

This episode debuted on November 18, 2020.


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