At The Threshold: Hindsight 2020 — Conversation with Great Plains Leaders (Part 1)


When 2020 started, we anticipated that the cataclysmic event for us in the Great Plains UMC would be the General Conference of the UMC. No one expected that we would navigate a global pandemic. As 2020 comes to a close, we’ve invited six Conference Leaders to reflect a bit on this historic year and are calling our conversation Hindsight 2020. We ask them questions like: What have you learned from this season? What has surprised you? Where is your hope? We also discover some guilty pleasures and travel plans in the year ahead. Join Bishop Saenz, Directors Nancy Lambert, Nathan Stanton, Todd Seifert, and Scott Brewer, and Dean of the Cabinet, Mitch Reece as we ask them to stop, take a look around and even within. We invite you to do the same.

Part 1 introduces all of our guests and goes deeper with Bishop Saenz, Nancy Lambert and Scott Brewer.

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