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View a showcase of the individual beliefs outlined in the video above.

What is #BeUMC?

#BeUMC honors the core values that connect the people of The United Methodist Church. No matter the challenges we face, God is with us, and we continue to have opportunities to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world! The campaign calls us to embrace our Wesleyan heritage and envision a promising future. Every day offers a chance to live into our mission and to strive to #BeUMC — to be the church our communities so desperately need. This grassroots effort, built upon powerful stories of congregations and people living their faith, celebrates what draws us to The United Methodist Church and what we aspire to be.

Download a #BeUMC discussion guide from Resource UMC

What United Methodists believe

The United Methodist Church finds itself in a season of splintering. Following district gatherings in the Great Plains Conference, the cabinet and conference staff created a document to clarify the denomination’s core doctrines and to answer key questions arising around church disaffiliations. Download the PDF.

Truth about the Trust Clause

Connection is at the core of our denomination. All churches are part of something larger than themselves. One of the ways to ensure people feel comfortable when they enter a United Methodist Church is the trust clause, which means local congregations own their building in trust for the use of the entire denomination. Download the PDF.

Keeping your membership in the UMC

If your church has chosen to disaffiliate from The United Methodist Church, but you would like to remain connected to the denomination, please fill out this simple form to start the process for either transferring your membership to another United Methodist Church in the Great Plains or transferring your membership directly to the Great Plains Conference.

We are the church. Together.

As a denomination, it’s important that pastors, church staff and members have a common understanding of the core background of The United Methodist Church. The new “We are the church. Together” resource from United Methodist Communications helps congregations root into shared beliefs, history, mission and ministry to stand strong and face the future — together.

The organized Google slides presentation aids leaders in walking their church through what it means to be United Methodist and answering questions that members are asking.

Also available in PowerPoint

Free Resources from Amplify Media

John Wesley urged all to hold "fast both the doctrine, spirit, and discipline" with which "the people called Methodists...first set out." And whether you're beginning again, continuing your journey after a season of disorientation, grief, and loss, or want to amplify your commitment to #BeUMC, Amplify Media (a streaming resource from Cokesbury) is pleased to offer group studies for learning and conversation by you and others exploring ways to grow and live as Jesus' disciples. Here, you’ll get free access to all of the video sessions in Three Simple RulesFive Marks of a Methodist, and Five Means of Grace as well as free (and downloadable) access to the leader guides for each study.

Download the free resources from Amplify Media

Promoting #BeUMC in your congregation


Why will you #BeUMC?

Do you want to share your own #BeUMC video? You can record your own and send them to us!

What do we need? Please record your own video explaining what you love about The United Methodist Church and/or your local congregation. Focus on how each serves as the hands and feet of Christ as disciples in our world today. 

Please keep your videos to 60 seconds or less, and please realize that sharing them with us means they will appear on our website and/or our social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We do reserve the right to edit or reject videos, especially any that fail to conform to the parameters shared above.

Now, how do you send your videos to us? It's easy!

  • Go to https://greatplainsumc.wetransfer.com.
  • Click on the "agreement" window at the left, which will reveal a window for you to complete your upload.
  • Type in your email address and a title (your name and city would be preferred).
  • You can add a message if you like.
  • Click the "+" sign, and that will allow you to upload your video from your computer, phone or tablet.

Then, as you come across disciples in action involving your church, share their stories on social media by using the #BeUMC hashtag.


How do people in the Great Plains Conference #BeUMC?

If you see others embodying the values of the United Methodist Church, let us know! Email info@greatplainsumc.org. Here are some of the ways we've seen #BeUMC in action: