Kansas author offers faith-sharing poetry

Nathan D. Stanton


Poems by Millie Horlacher (PDF) specific to faith sharing ministry.

About the author

Millie Horlacher, a certified lay speaker, conducts spiritual growth studies and retreats. She has served as a spiritual growth coordinator for United Methodist Women on local, district, and conference levels. Horlacher's meditations and poetry have appeared in Capper's Weekly, Alive Now, and other church publications. She and her husband, Wayne, live in Colby, Kansas. They have three children and five grandchildren.

About my latest book, Seasons of Salt: Meditations

Whether or not we realize it at the time, normal events in our everyday lives can have significant spiritual meaning, and can also offer valuable lessons—if we only take the time to listen. Seasons of Salt, a compilation of inspiring meditations from Millie Horlacher, is a perfect opportunity to do just that.