Discipling at the heart of UM camps

Sara Shaw

Discipling starts in the heart, a heart that rejoices in the ministries of others. This is what the Great Plains Camping ministry is all about. Camp is a place where all are welcome. To come explore, renew, and rejoice. Staff at camp rejoice in the individuality of campers, become campers biggest cheerleader, and foster growth in a community of love, acceptance, and support. Building relationships at camp with Christ, each other, and nature is a way of life at camp.  This is why so many individuals find their calling into the ministry while attending camp. Below are links to two videos -- one from Program Director Megan Bastemeyer and Wrangler Josie at Camp Chippewa and one from Site Director Pat Walsh at Camp Comeca talking about discipling at camp. 

Camp Chippewa program directors
Camp Comeca site director