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Lay Servant Ministries


What is the importance of Lay Servant Ministries? It is to better equip laity to help them serve in their ministry to help make disciples of Jesus Christ.  
Who should take part in Lay Servant Ministries? Anyone who feels called to the ministry of making disciples of Jesus Christ. 
Isn't Lay Servant Ministries just basically pulpit supply? There are many different paths for a Lay Servant to follow in this program. This is why we have many different types of classes. You can reach out to your District Lay Servant Director to find what these classes are.
For example; we offer classes in leading Bible studies, filling the pulpit, storytelling, care giving for those who need it and even care giving for the elderly, planning worship, leading prayer, and many other areas. We also offer classes to make you more aware of the makeup of our churches, such as those on our heritage and polity.
Again, if you are called to help your pastor or your church in any of these areas, contact your pastor or District Lay Servant Director to help you become trained in your area of interest. Your district office will have the contact information for your Lay Servant District director.
Please reach out to anyone you feel would be gifted and is possibly called to help make disciples of Jesus Christ. Let us help you become better prepared to follow your call. 
Gloria Louch
Great West District Director

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