NUMB, Sunday, June 29


Blue afternoon skies saved a cloudy, rainy riding day

Heavy clouds greeted riders on Sunday morning. After a hearty breakfast at the Holdrege UMC, riders streamed out to the road in a spread-out fashion today. Early riders, late riders and everything in between. Depending on when you left Holdrege determined when you ran into rain. It was never a nasty windy rain as in some years, this was just a nice steady rain that provided a good soaking.

Once the rain passed the sun came out and began what would have been a very steamy day had the temperature risen. While it was humid, temperatures were very tolerable as riders set out on various activities in the afternoon. Many of the activities scheduled for Camp Comeca never materialized due to scheduling miscues. The the tents were up and folks enjoyed the day that wound down with a worship service at the Cozad UMC, followed by a fabulous pasta dinner also prepared by members of the Cozad UMC.

My day was personally fulfilling as I was able to hook up with two cousins who live in the area. As my sister Diane and I turned north onto Hwy. 21, I told her I felt like we were close to where our cousin Lisa lives in the country between Johnson Lake and Cozad. I called her and sure enough, we were within a mile of her place. She and her husband met us at the last sag and made arrangements to hook up after we got in. All my my family that is here piled into her van and she took us to Johnson Lake where we met our other cousin Lynn and his wife. All in all an unexpected surprise and an enjoyable Sunday afternoon for team Witte.