NUMB, Monday, June 30


Monday a challenge even with the route change

The Sunday evening announcement to shorten the Monday ride in order to avoid 20+ mph headwinds was welcome. Even reduced to 53 miles, riders were faced with slow speeds as they rode straight up highway 21 towards Broken Bow.

The slow speeds enabled riders to take in more of the scenic drive. Located in the midst of the Sandhills -- hills, canyons and valleys were lush with tall grasses. The skies offered a full range on Monday from cloudy and misty in the morning to clear blue skies in the afternoon.

Unlike most years when thunder storms come in the night, this year's rides have started with damp misty skies and showers and the look of potential showers.

SAG support has been superb with ample water supplies, homemade breads and cookies, fruit, nuts and more.

Team Frogy (Craig family riders) brought a ceramic frog that will go home with some lucky person after the ride. They have been selling insurance in order for folks to be able to repel that possibility. As a result they have raised more than $300 towards NUMB. They sell the insurance policy for $5 and are having great fun in the process.

Broken Bow is a great little community and serves as a trade center for wide area. Filled with shops of all sorts, it takes pride in its history and feels like a true western town.

Today I handed my camera off to someone else and snapped a shot of me. Also thought you should see the ceramic frog.

More photos are posted on the NUMB facebook page.