Reflection of 2019 in the TiM program - Isaac Chua

Transition into Ministry Program


The TiM program has been a wonderful blessing for me for these first few years of full-time pastoral ministry. Coming fresh out of seminary, I was inexperienced and had a lot to learn as I transitioned from being a student to being a pastor. Being part of TiM afforded me with many opportunities to grow in my calling, my gifts, and my abilities to being an effective pastor. I really appreciated the TiM Committee that met with me in my first appointment as an associate pastor to give me regular feedback and encouragements. The TiM retreats which we have a few times each year are times which I look forward to. They provide me with good learning opportunities, and also, a time away for connecting with my fellow colleagues in ministry. Currently in phase 2, I appreciate being provided with a coach to help me through the challenges of ministry, especially as I transitioned from an associate pastor to being a solo pastor. The sermon and worship planning retreats are also very helpful retreats each year that has been very beneficial. The many ways which TiM has equipped me throughout these first few years of ministry have helped me lay a good foundation for hopefully what will be many more years of fruitful ministry ahead!