My first year in pastoral ministry - Lori Patton

Transition into Ministry Program


As I am journeying through my second year of pastoral ministry and second year as a TiM pastor I find myself more and more grateful for this program. When I speak with colleagues from Seminary in different conferences I feel grateful for the TiM program, the clergy excellence staff and the ways I have been fortunate enough to participate this last year+. With the TiM program you get intentional support. Not only through your mentor but through your cohort and the years ahead of you as well. We spend time gathered together as a whole and the mentor pastors kindly are available as a resource to not only their pastor partner but other pastors too. The resources of experience are a great gift.

We are also privileged to have continuing education opportunities, share in fellowship and community building with our cohort and have Ashlee Alley Crawford as a resource as well.

I would encourage anyone starting their first years of ministry to be a part of the TiM program. It is impossible to fully prepare for ministry no matter what you do, but the TiM program provides additional tools, resources, support and friendships to journey through it all together. I feel more equipped and supported as a pastor because of the TiM program.