November blogging

Lay Servant Ministries


As I am not an active (or anytime) blogger, I have wondered about its intent and usage. Is blogging intended to promote interest and response by stating controversial topics and positions? Or is its purpose to provide a platform for basic truths to be shared and/or critiqued?  
So, how does the month of November relate to our faith walk and understanding of our duties as lay persons. I am sure there are many noteworthy events during the month, but I will relate to the few of which I am aware. November is Native American Awareness Month. This national recognition honors the cultures, traditions, and rights of our Native American brothers and sisters. We are reminded of past and current conditions and our role in respecting all people. Truly a Christian ideal.
November is also Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As do many of you, I know personally the deep impact of this disease, the intense and life changing power of prayer, and the wonderful medical professionals that devote their lives to its treatment and cure. God be with all individuals and families that have experienced or are experiencing this and all other types of cancers and life threatening maladies. Keep them in your prayers.
All Saints Day is a time to praise and honor the lives of the saints, not just the recognized Saints of the church, but the saints of our lives. We remember those who are no longer with us; who loved, guided, taught, disciplined, set examples to follow, but always loved us and gave of themselves to make our world a little better.  They led us to God, just as their parents and mentors had lead them, and they leave us with the task of doing the same for those who do not yet know God.  
Veterans Day is a time to honor all who served or are serving in the military. We must never take for granted our service men and women. They gave of themselves for our nation, some their "last full measure of devotion." The Military Prayer in the Book of Worship may say it best, "Though for a season they must be people of war, let them live for peace, as eager for agreement as for victory". (Book of Worship, 542). This from a Viet Nam Era vet, with a grandfather in Arlington, and Marine son recently retired after twenty years. Freedom is not free, ask a Vet. May God protect our military, especially those in harms way. And may we use our resources to do what is right and honorable, to use our strengths for good.  
We end the this month (and this blog) with wintry weather and Thanksgiving, yet another opportunity to include our faith and God's love in our lives. As you enjoy the holiday, take just a minute or two to humbly acknowledge that it is God's grace and blessings that we are truly thankful for.   
Have a grand and blessed November,
Pat McReynolds
Parsons District Lay Servant Ministries Director