How do we meet the needs of our lay servants during this time of social distancing?

Lay Servant Ministries


In the Great West District in Nebraska, we are looking at trying to use Zoom to hold a class that was originally scheduled and needs to be completed before June due to our pastor being moved to another district. The lay servants are wanting to take the class with this pastor and CLS.

One of our main concerns is the time frame of the class. We do know that we do not want to do this in the weekend format as we have found most adults have shorter attention spans when using technology than face to face with everyone. Do we want to hold five two-hour sessions? Do we want to have a session each evening, therefore completing the class in a week’s time? Or do we want to have the class extended over a five-week period?

Please keep us in your prayers as we work through this, learning how to step out of our comfort zone and try new ideas. We are showing again how we the people are the church, not the building being the church. I feel blessed as the Great West District director to have pastors and CLS who are willing to work with whatever is handed to them. Our certified lay servants in the area do appreciate everyone’s dedication.

Gloria Louch
Great West District Lay Servant Director