Travel begins!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


After flying across the USA today, I am resting in the midst of the Los Angeles airport, a 14 hour flight still ahead! It was surreal to leave family and friends after 4th of July festivities. But now this adventure feels real and I am filled with excitement! Despite a long day (which is not over), I can already feel God using me. I made a new best friend in the check in line today. Her name is Teresa and she is 5 years old. As we waited and moved through the line for an hour we talked about the color pink, playing games, and her doll named Flower. I was reminded of the openness in the hearts of children. As the only blonde haired woman in line, most people just stared at me in silence. But little Teresa was filled with joy and acceptance. What a great reminder as I enter missionary training in the Philippines!

I will spend the entire month in Manila with all 42 Global Mission Fellows! We come from all over the world and are being sent all over the world. During our time together we will be focusing on the values in which the program is founded…how do we Engage with out local community, Connect the church in mission, and Grow in personal holiness during this 2 year experience. How do we serve with others.

I look forward to sending updates as I am able as to how The Lord is speaking to me and through the group during this time.

Please pray for safety in our travels tonight (14 hrs over the Pacific is crazy)! Also pray for the gifts of friendship, faith, and trust as the 42 of us meet and connect in mission!