Lay Servant Ministries: Networking, Training, Advocacy

Lay Servant Ministries


It seems to me there is such potential for making disciples using the framework of the Lay Servant Ministries program. Let’s call it honing discipleship skills. How do we best move the Lay Servant Ministries program forward as a dynamic part of the Great Plains Conference? I believe we do this by providing networking opportunities, organizing appropriate training events and advocating for the role of the Lay Servant in the mission of the church.
Networking opportunities begin with the district directors. The directors will be meeting face to face and via teleconference on Sept. 26.  I hope from this meeting we glean numerous ideas for networking with each other at the conference level as well as within the districts.
Providing adequate and appropriate training for Lay Servants is essential to growth of the program. Again the district directors will be sharing information about training events as well as developing a plan for conference wide training.
Advocacy includes promoting the role of the Lay Servant, educating clergy and laity, and recruiting potential candidates.  This goal can be supported with communication efforts such as blogs and newsletters, visual and vocal presence at events, and publication of activities and achievements.
These goals have been my focus as Lay Servant director of the Blue River District. I look forward to realizing these goals at the conference level as the new Great Plains Conference Lay Servant Ministries director.  
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This blog was written by Mary Feit, Lay Servant Ministries director for the Great Plains Conference.