GYPCLA: United

Maria Niechwiadowicz


Participating in the Global Young Peoples Convocation and Legislative20140722-100410-36250892.jpg Assembly (GYPCLA) took a spirit of adaption and patience. I did not envy the planning team in moving 400 people to a new location and organizing the logistics for worship, sessions, and meals on the spot.

The main purpose of GYPCLA is to discuss and vote on legislation that will later be taken to General Conference. The decisions made are taken to be a representation of the young adult voice of the United Methodist Church.

20140722-101314-36794397.jpgAs a participating non-voting member, I was intrigued by how difficult the process due to translation of language and cultural differences. Like many churches, the biggest issue on the table is that of homosexuality. As a global church, the opinions on this issue where as diverse as the people in the room. Many people have expressed that the issue of homosexuality could be the issue that divides the UNITED Methodist Church, like so many others, but as young people I believe we can be better than that. I was reminded this week that out God is NOT a U.S. Citizen and that issues in America are not always prominent in other countries. This makes a united global church ever so difficult! I appreciated the leadership team emphasizing the need to build relationships and discuss differences with one another in order to understand the perspective of our brothers and sisters. I pray that our generation may transform hearts through accepting hearts and listening ears.