Great West District working toward goal of 1 Lay Servant in each church by end of year

Lay Servant Ministries


In the Great West District, we have many miles and luckily many lay servants. We try to have at least one class each month in the fall to help train new lay servants and to provide advanced training to United Methodists who already have completed the basic course.

We skip December and then again work to provide classes in the months January through early May. The classes are set up in all parts of the district, hoping to catch all those who want or need them.

We have a slightly different way of deciding what classes will be conducted. I have the support of many pastors in our district, and they often request classes for certain times. We choose the classes together and then set them up. Our district administrative assistant is valuable to our program and helps to reach out to people.  

District Superintendent Kay Alnor and I have a goal of having at least 1 Certified Lay Servant in each church throughout our district by the end of the year. I have made many friends throughout the district because of the Lay Servant program, and hope to make many more. We try to reach out to everyone who desires to grow in their ministry through this very important program. 

The pastors of the district also show that they value this program by volunteering to teach the classes and by encouraging people to participate.

The Certified Lay Servant Program is a valuable tool utilized by many important people, and we thank God that we have the opportunity to connect and grow together in our ministry.

Gloria Louch is director of Lay Servant Ministries in the Great West District.