Autumn Pace

Maria Niechwiadowicz


My mind is running

endless thinking about this and that

lesson planning

proposal writing

travel plotting.

My hands are busy at work

paper crafting

homework grading

letter writing

muffin baking.

So many things started – not many actually finished

but little by little

the pieces are falling into place

coming together

the vision coming to light.

And it’s busy – and exciting – and rather tiring

but my mind running – my hands working – my projects started

all create a drive – a sense of purpose

and meaning.

Taking my mind off the future – the unknown – the overanalyzing

to focus on NOW.

Falling leaves reminding me to

slow down

for the end is coming

time is short

and I can’t afford to waste such a beautiful season in my life.

So I will keep running

keep thinking

keep breathing

keep praying

for the Lord is driving the pace.