Western etiquette

Maria Niechwiadowicz


his week we have continued in our food unit discussing etiquette and ordering at Western restaurants.

To prepare for class, I asked my students to research Western etiquette. Much of what they found was quite accurate:

-Keep all non-food items (purses, phones, etc) off the table.
-Place your napkin on your lap and keeps elbow off the table.
-Ask for items across the table and pass them counterclockwise.
-Don’t talk with your mouth full.
-Excuse yourself if you need to leave the table.

But some of their responses cracked me up, so I thought I would share. Most of them are mostly true, but the phrasing is what got me giggling.

Don’t snap your napkin open or unfurl it showily like it’s an Olympic flag.

Men can’t stop eating before women.

Before having a meal, put the napkin on the thigh.

You should pass the dishes anticlockwise if someone asks for something.

Don’t make a hiccup or sneeze, if you do it, you must say sorry to the guests.

Don’t talk about sad story to break the good atmosphere when others are eating.

Don’t talk to someone when your mouth is filled with rice.

When sitting, keep a good posture, don’t move informally.

Is your etiquette up to par? :)