Give thanks!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


For a first thanksgiving away from home, I couldn’t be more grateful! I had a lovely day of teaching, workshop (in which I taught a silly version of Turkey in the Straw), hosted a pie social at my home, and spent the night playing games and learning to waltz! But I have expressed my thanks, so I want to leave you with thanks from my students. In light of learning how to invite and thank others, the students learned some important phrases…. I am thankful for…I am grateful for…I really appreciate…

Then they were instructed to cut out their hand and use their new phrases to write what they are thankful for!

My favorite answer: “I am thankful for my teacher, Miss Niech, who was my first teacher to remember my name” -Charlotte

The classic answer….“I am grateful for my mother who gave me birth.”

There were also a few of these…”I really appreciate myself….” :)



So here is our tree of thanks in the office! Doesn’t it look great!

Off to the capital city of Yinchuan today to celebrate the holiday all weekend with more Americans! Thanksgiving blessings to you all!