Pastoral Leadership interns share experiences -- Ty Schissel

Great Plains Interns


The Pastoral Leadership internship program is for young adults aged 18-22.  This ten-week program will provide young leaders the opportunity to experience pastoral work in the most "hands-on" way possible while being supported by a mentoring pastor and a teaching congregation.  Ty Schissel served at Basehor UMC (Kansas City District) for the summer of 2017.


Got to help out with Children's Sunday School, found some very creative students during our lesson about Jonah.

Paid the local hospital quite a few visits for congregational care, was blessed to have the opportunity to be there for a few of them.

Spent quite a few days here behind my own personal desk, obligatory selfie during on of my more busy days planning a sermon for the week.

Got to share my own creativity with our front sign outside.  Can't take full credit though, Google may have helped!

Lastly, I got to solidify my calling by having the opportunity to preach more than once this summer.  This snapshot was taken during my first sermon.  Loved it.