Help! I need videos!

Maria Niechwiadowicz


Greetings friends! I need your help!
I have begun teaching my Oral English class for Freshman students this semester. Last term, the required textbook focused on practical English — going to the store, describing yourself, seeing a doctor, etc. This term is more focused on critical thinking and analyzing one’s concepts and opinions. 
Next month we will begin a unit on stereotypes! We will be discussing stereotypes within China (based on the region) but also how to defend yourself and correct an offensive remark or generalization you may have made. Then we will briefly discuss stereotypes in the world, specifically stereotypes Americans have of the Chinese and the Chinese have of America. This is where I need your help.
I would like short video clips from you on what you believe about Chinese people or the Chinese culture. A simple iPhone selfie is quite sufficient. Please include:
  • Your name
  • The country where you are from
  • 1 or 2 things you believe about the Chinese
“Hello! My name is Susan. I am from the USA. I think all Chinese people speak the same language.” 
“Hi! This is Amrita from India. Most Chinese people seem to know the art of kung-fu.”
Other Notes:
  • You do not need to be American to participate. Thoughts from all countries are welcome!
  • Don’t worry about making generalizations or offending anyone. Part of what the students are learning is to identify a generalized statement and defend what they believe to be a wrong perception.
  • I am looking for perspectives of all ages — young and old!
  • Be truthful! 
Please send your video to my email:
I will only accept entries until April 10!
Feel free to contact me with questions!
Thanks in advance,