A day full of shopping and hopscotch


Today was a much slower activity day. It started with both Dottie and me not feeling as well (she with an upset stomach and me with a sore throat) as we would have liked. Despite our slow start the three of us were at the Internet café by 9 a.m. It offered wireless so our fears of attracting viruses to our computers was minimized. We spent over an hour there as I hadn't had success transmitting blogs 5 and 7 until this morning.
I was also able to send a few photos. Dottie caught up with her email. Later I learned that Cindy Kelly received my 147 texts all at once! Yikes. All would have been blog 5, 6 and 7.
Teachers Musa and Solomon were our guides today. From the Internet café they took us to a market where we could buy Nigeria fabric to bring back for Nigeria Partnership fundraising and promotional efforts. We shopped three different fabric stores and found divergent pricing. Our goal was to purchase fabric grown (cotton) and made in Nigeria. We were able to find several lovely pieces. We also purchased some Ghanaian and other fabrics.
We've also been looking for other Nigerian hand-crafted items. We found a few today and will have opportunity to look for more. I also purchased some dates to snack on. We finished our shopping about lunch time.
Our lunch and dinners are consistently fried chicken (more American in its preparation than in past visits), salad made similar to coleslaw and usually rice or pasta mixed with carrots and peas. We often have a red sauce they call stew to pour over whatever you want to pour it over. Collectively, we have a hankering for a pizza :).
Dessert is usually a plate of watermelon, pineapple and other seasonal fruits. And always, we are provided a bottle of water to see us through to our next meal or break. Fruit juice is readily available to us as well.
Our original plan was to visit other media houses today, but Benji ended up doing those on his own. We spent the early portion of the afternoon taking a nap and working on photo sorting of shots we had printed locally for distribution to staff and donors. I also did some resizing of photos I plan to have posted on the website. Mid-afternoon we went to the orphanage and taught some of the children hopscotch and they taught us their version. We walked the grounds a few times and visited with staff members. We did a few videos with the children as spokespersons, but they are all so soft-spoken it will be a challenge to use them.

We used the orphanage power to charge our various electrical gadgets and spend additional time with staff talking about the needs of the school and our plans for Friday. We plan to complete our individual photo session with students, take some group  photos and help prepare for Saturday's awards program. There is a Valentine's Day party scheduled for the orphanage on Friday and we certainly won't miss that.
Saturday will be a very festive day at the orphanage with a program planned with several individual awards and group honors presented to area contributors to the orphanage. Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna and our own Dorothy Halvorsen will be among the speakers. Late on Saturday, we plan to go to Bambuka to a UMW festival. We will stay over, attend worship there and return to Jalingo on Sunday.
Hopefully this blog is posted on Valentine's Day.
Have a happy heart,
Cooking team includes Falza Benjamin (Simon Benjamin's daughter), Gladys Joshuya and Augustin Augustine (both kindergarten teachers). The other day we demonstrated how to make grilled toast and today that is what they served us for breakfast.
P.S. S. My baby in the oven has checked into the hospital last night, they may break her water today ... yikes!