Working with the children and geering up for the trip home


After a good nights rest, Mrs. Thomas came and made us her special pancakes for breakfast — awesome. Benji arrived and we ate together before going to the orphanage.
Our first activity of the day was to have a leadership meeting with the Benji (director), Magdiel (head master) and Shehu (senior master). We worked on team building and ended it with prayer by the Rev. Jim Miller.
Jim then went to the bookstore with Magdiel to buy student workbooks and some books for their library. Dorothy and I met with the students and handed out toothbrushes donated by Ameritas Dental, letters from Lincoln Trinity UMC and school kit bags from the Nebraska Rising City and Beatrice churches. The bags were given to the youngest children as many of the older students either already have them or have "outgrown" them.
We a nice time of fellowship with the students and teachers and they all when back to class. I met with three of them to do short videos to share with you all when we return.
After lunch Dorothy worked with the children on painting with tempera paint and is bringing a number of art pieces back.
I worked on a short photography workshop with the older kids where we discussed art, journalistic and portrait photography. I then sent them on short photo assignments with my camera and iPhone. They returned with their assignments and we did a short critique. I tried to explain that there are careers for them if they have a passion for writing, photography, videography, art or simply have a passion for justice or political topics.
We ended our day with another trip to the market and to the Internet Cafe. It is about 6:15 p.m. here as I write. I am told that we will going dinner at a restaurant tonight. We will have a few well wishers as we prepare to leave tonight.
We will drive at 6 a.m. to Yola to catch an 11 a.m. plane to Abjua. Form there we will have a city tour for a few hours until our plain leaves Abuja about 11 p.m. then on to Frankfurt.
The next time I write will probably be from the Frankfurt airport
Sai gube (good night),