Traveling home


We rose before 6 a.m., and following breakfast said our goodbyes to our cooks Tina, Gladys and Falza. Mrs. Thomas came by as well to wish us safe journies. Bishop Johnwesley Yohanna let us use his truck and his driver for our road trip from Jalingo to Yola to catch the first leg of our flight. Benji accompanied us and we arrived in Yola about 9:30 a.m., to learn that our 11 a.m. flight was moved to 1 p.m. It's only an hour and half flight to Abuju. Pastor Matthew Dangombe met us again and helped us navigate the airport.
On our way into the Yola airport I was taking photos and was abruptly scolded by the check-point guard on the way in. I was shooting name signs, etc. So I put the camera away. While in Abuja, I asked Pastor Matthew if he'd like to video record a message to Bishop Jones and the Great Plains Conference. We no more than finished when a guard came up and asked what we were doing. We explained and then he invited us to go see his superior where we explained what were doing.
I didn't see any signs saying no photography, still haven't, but I guess  it is very tabu in the Abuja International Airport.
I am not shooting any more photos until we get to Frankfurt :). 
The Rev. Matthew did a good job of explaining the plight of the Abuja cathedral project. It is six years in duration to date and the overall cost was to be 196,000,000 naira (or about $1.2 million). They have most of the excavating done and some of the seating. They are out of significant money to complete it and the government will soon fine them 2 million naira if they don't meet certain deadlines, sort of a licensing program.
The Rev. Matthew is making a plea to the churches in the U.S. and the Great Plains in particular because we already have an affinity for Nigeria. The most urgent need is to get a roof over the structure before rains begin (June and heavier in August and September).
As I wrote previously, the potential worshiping attendance is 2,000+.
We will board our plane to Frankfurt about 11 p.m. arriving in Frankfurt about 5 a.m. We wait there about another five hours before we fly to Chicago and ultimately arrive in Omaha about 5 p.m. on Wednesday.