Amid many changes, why we serve remains constant

Lay Servant Ministries


Lay Servant Ministries are constantly evolving and growing. New courses are being created and approved. How we are structured is being modified. 

What should not change is why we are doing what we do.

I sometimes feel we get too wrapped up in what we are doing and forget why we are doing. Those who choose to become Lay Servants have answered God’s call to be servants. Servants serve others, not themselves. Our servanthood takes many different paths. Most are called to serve in their local churches, and that service takes many forms. Some are called to serve their communities and spread God’s love to those outside their church. 

But all are called. 

We train in order to better serve those whom God has placed along our way. Our training takes many forms and should result in our becoming better able to serve God. It is not about seeing how many classes we can complete, or lifting ourselves up as better than someone else. A servant serves humbly. 

Our leadership needs to be sensitive to the needs of those desiring to serve. I know that since you are reading this on your computer, it may be difficult to remember that not everyone has computer access. Leaders also need to be sensitive to those who may be exploring their call to servanthood and help them discern what God is asking them to do. And, leaders need to take time to help train others. It is part of our responsibility as leaders to prepare others to serve in the way God is calling them.

These are exciting times filled with so many opportunities! I encourage you to search your heart and see how and where you can serve. 

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Bryan Hankins is director of Lay Servant Ministries in the Missouri River District.