Balcony People

Lay Servant Ministries


Years ago, I had a devotion that has stuck with me. I do not remember the source, but I do remember the theme. I was to recall who my “balcony people” were and write them a note of thanks.” In the devotion “balcony people” were described as those who cheer you on and help you find your potential and calling in Christ. The devotion then asked me to meditate on – am I a “balcony person?”

I was able to recount the balcony people and write them a note of thanks. They were able to see in me things I could not. As I continue to mature in Christ and answer God’s call, I am constantly aware of and thankful for my “balcony people.” Many of whom are on the Lay Servant journey with me.  

The Lay Servant Ministry classes provide a great opportunity to recognize “balcony people” and be a “balcony person.” In fact, on page 28 of the Lay Servant Ministries Basic Course Participants Book, it says, “The heart of leader development is having a vision beyond what you actually see when you look at someone and believing in someone else even more than he believes in himself. It is to see beyond the actual to the potential, not just seeing who a person is but who she can become.” That seems to me a great definition of a “balcony person” in its purest form!

Has a “balcony person” invited you participate in a Lay Servant class? If not, hear the invitation now. The Basic Class is a great place to begin to explore, hear and respond to God’s call as a potential leader. The Advanced Classes help you develop, strengthen and employ your leadership skills.

Check out the Great Plains website for basic and advanced classes in our conference. Also, don’t forget Advanced classes can be taken on-line at   

Jeanie Leeper, Prairie Rivers District Director Lay Servant Ministries