Believe there is good in the world

Lay Servant Ministries


We need to believe there is good in the world. In times like this, with sickness, people out of work, and social unrest, we need to believe there is good in the world. We need to know God is still in charge. 

But equally important we need to:
There is
Good in
the world.

The world needs us to Be the Good in the World. We need to be out there nurturing, loving, encouraging, and teaching, and doing good wherever we can, as long as we can, for whomever we can. We need to get and keep ourselves ready for whatever task God has for us. Becoming a Lay Servant or Certified Lay Speaker will help prepare you to do what God needs you to do. Contact your pastor or district office to get started. 

Bryan Hankins
Missouri River District, Director of Lay Servant Ministries