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Lay Servant Ministries


Feeling a bit underutilized?  Looking for something to do?  Want new ideas for service?  

We have this cat (well, actually, my stepdaughter has) that is in the habit of coming in wherever I am several times a day and either jumping up in my lap or laying down beside me within easy reach. When I rub him, he sounds as if he'd swallowed a chainsaw and looks up at me with such gratitude in his eyes that I can't help but keep rubbing him – usually longer than I really want to.

Every Tuesday morning I go over to the local retirement center and lead a Bible class called “Bible Trivia” based on a couple of books by J. Stephen Lang. I pass out a couple of dozen questions for the next week, and we go over the questions from the last week. The eight to 10 "regulars" have repeatedly assured me that it’s not the 10-15 minutes we spend answering last week's questions they enjoy, as much as the fact that they have something to do during the week – and they've gotten quite good at it.

Every week when I leave that class, they make sure to tell me how much they appreciate what I'm doing, and I think of that cat.

The difference, of course, is that people are not cats.

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David Wasserfallen is the Five Rivers District director of Lay Servant Ministries