Changes made to Lay Servant Ministries program

Lay Servant Ministries


Trying to keep up with the many changes happening in our conference can be a huge challenge.  Two of the newest changes affecting Lay Servant Ministries comes from General Conference. 

As we expected, the Local Church Lay Servant position is no longer included in the ministry, however, individual districts can continue to use the designation if they wish.  The Refresher Basic Course will be phased out.  So for an individual to remain “Local Church” only, he or she can either take the Basic course again or take an Advanced Course.

Another change is the return of the word “Certified” to the “Lay Speaker” title.  At one time, removing this term from the title was considered. 

At General Conference, the “Certified Lay Speaker” title was restored.  Because the abbreviations would be similar, we will use CLS (Certified Lay Servant) and CLSp (Certified Lay Speaker) In our communications.  You will note this also in the Journal when it is published.

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Mary Feit, CLSp, is Lay Servant Ministries director for the Great Plains Conference.