Clergy Faith and Wellness: Faith and Wellness Initiative

Rev. Shelly Petz


Clergy of the Great Plains Conference,

Thank you to those who planned for and participated in the recent Great Plains Orders and Fellowship meeting. The vulnerability, strength, honesty and encouragement from the presenters, workshop leaders, Bishop Saenz and Rev. Dr. Kevass Harding, and the overwhelming hospitality that was offered throughout created an atmosphere of welcome and investment in the clergy of the conference.  I experienced that clergy felt cared for, listened to, and inspired to take next steps in cultivating the seeds that were planted in order to more fully live out God's call on our lives and ministry settings. I am grateful for conversations among clergy, as we were given the permission to be honest about all aspects of our own health and wellness.

February is American Heart Month. February also marks a gathering of the years of conversation, prayer, debate, and dialogue as the Special Session of General Conference will be Feb. 23‐26. The Great Plains Conference is continuing to invest in you as clergy as you take care of your heart in February (and body, mind, emotions and spirit).
As Great Plains Clergy, you are invited to sign up for an intentional physical activity of your choice for February for the purpose of getting moving and finding physical wellness. There are three tracks, one for those not currently doing physical activity, one for those wanting to change or increase their physical activity, and one for those who are already doing what they want to be doing physically.

In signing up, clergy will state their intention for February, which track, and what physical activity you intend to do. You will be asked to share your own story at the end of February of what you did, how it changed you physically, emotionally, and mentally. For those who already are doing physical activity, you will be asked how you connected physical health with greater holistic health. (As Rev. Dr. Kevass Harding shared so eloquently that just because a person is physically healthy, it does not mean they are well.)

The first 200 clergy to sign up will receive $25 at the end of completing the program, which includes both the physical activity and sharing what happened.  Throughout the month of February, as you engage in the physical activity of your choice, you will be sent words of encouragement, scriptures, resources, videos etc. to keep your health in front of you. What you choose isn't as important is choosing what will help you flourish, what will help you have fun, and what you want to do.

John Acuff, in his book “Finish,” says “cut your goal in half” and keep going. Give yourself grace. Our purpose is to start moving, and persevere, not be perfect.
Please register here by Jan. 31 to be entered into the program.
Grace and peace,
Rev. Shelly Petz, Clergy Faith and Wellness